May 09, 2012

2012 TABLE TENNIS MATCH with Shandong Trading Co.

2012 TABLE TENNIS MATCH with Shandong Trading Co 2012 TABLE TENNIS MATCH with Shandong Trading Co

The seventh table tennis match between Shandong trading companies in Qingdao started from May 9th,2012 and ended on May 11th in Qingdao.

Cherry Group send representatives to compete in the match.. All team members tried their best with willingness to solve tough problems. Women's team from Cherry grop ranked sixth, Na Lv became the women's youth singles champion for the 6th time, Hai Jiang won the sixth in men's youth singles, Shaopeng Sun won the eighth in men's mid-age singles. They showed Cherry's great spirit and won praise and honor for Cherry group.

Shandong Bureau of Commerce, Qingdao Bureau of Commerce, Shandong Foreign trade vocational college and several big foreign trade companies sent 16 representative teams, more than 100 players to attend this tournament.

April 22, 2012

Love life Share happiness "Cooking contest"

Cooking contest Cooking contest

Cherry "Herray Cup" Cooking Contest was organized by the trade union and Party committee, sponsored by Herray flagship store and Cherry Technical center. The contest was held in Cherry technical service company. Pengyuan Zhang, vice president of Cherry group, went and made speech to cheer for players.

The theme of this contest is "love life, value friendship and share happiness". This activity aims at creating communication atmosphere, building the platform to show team spirit and let employees learn to enjoy life,understand the meaning of life and taste the essence of life. Through this activity, the players convey and establish friendship, understand and taste the origin of happiness, value friendship and team,strengthen sense of belonging and honor of the group, understand "prosper everybody, happy you and me" and truly know the spiritual content of our corporate culture which is "credit standing, fairness, mechanism and pragmatism".

January 23, 2012



2012 New year party was held in 29th floor of cherry mansion in the afternoon of June 23rd,2012. Zhu lihua, chairman of cherry group, attended this activity and welcomed the new year with employees. He personally financed the "special reward" which is RMB20,000 to share the pleasure of harvest with all employees. Under the correct leadership of board and executive committee in 2011, Cherry group earnestly implemented the corporate philosophy "Credit Standing, Fairness, Mechanism and Pragmatism", consistently adhered to the principle of operation "Low profit, Keep customers, Adjust structure,Find breakthrough", comprehensively pushed forward "eight strategies", solved all the tough problems and created new height to welcome new spring.

During the get-together, employees danced and sang around sincere blessing to celebrate the harvest. They expressed their appreciation to cherry group through wonderful art performance. At the end of celebration, leaders and all the employees song 《Building Cherry group together》on the stage, sang the main melody of "creating new height together". The activity ended in harmonious and united atmosphere.


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