We have been standing together in the making of a brilliant Cherry Group for the past two decades and we have buffeted our way through the waves to fulfill the historical leap forward of Cherry Group’s system transformation. Keeping pace with the times, Cherry will meet her new hope.

We will take up her past glory, activate her traditional spirit and carry forward the core principle of “Credit Standing, Fairness, Mechanism and Pragmatism” in making an even more magnanimous, more heroic and more vigorous Cherry Group. She will take on all a harmonious atmosphere, open and passionate, creative and innovative, dynamic and entrepreneurial, industrious and dedicative to her goal. Since the development of the enterprise is to aim at benefiting the staff and whole society, so we all will share the pleasure and successful fruits from the growth of the enterprise.

Today, Cherry Group is extending her cordial welcome with her open arms to all her friends from all over the world. With the joining-in of an increasing number of well-known import and export enterprises, the integration of production and trade, the development of brand names, the diversified investments…… Cherry Group is creating a new legend that tells how she is making a more brilliant future.

Zhu Lihua, Chairman

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